Can You Fix a Code Violation? Yes you can.

When a municipality receives a code violation complaint, a city inspector will visit the property to verify if the complaint is valid. If it is, they’ll notify the property owner, explaining what corrections need to be made and how long they have to make them.

In the event of a code violation on a construction site, the inspector puts a hold on all work until the correction is made.

In either case – with a new house or an existing house – code violations are required to be addressed immediately. If the property owner doesn’t take the proper steps to reach code compliance. The next step is prosecution by the city attorney along with hefty fines.

Once a code violation is identified, it needs to be corrected as quickly as possible because there aren’t exceptions to the code adopted by the municipality: When (city inspectors) find a violation, there are no personal agendas … It’s what the code says, and it’s what the code requires.

Don’t let your Code Violations get to this point!

If you need help in navigating the City Code Enforcement Division and making corrections, please contact us and we can guide you through the process of getting the city off your back.

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